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We realise that seeking counselling, perhaps for the first time, is not an easy decision. Perhaps your local GP has referred you or we have been recommended by a third party.


What is counselling?

Counselling is an opportunity to talk about experiences, thoughts and feelings that may be causing you concern. It provides a confidential place where you are listened to, without being judged, and your point of view is respected. Therapists offer one to one sessions, usually weekly and will spend in depth time listening to you, looking at your needs and helping you adjust to some of the changes that are taking place in your life. Therapists do not generally offer advice, but work in the belief that people can find strength within themselves, better understand their pain, cope with their grief more effectively and grow to heal. They will help you make sense of what you might be going through, provide you with support so that you can work out what is important and decide upon any changes you might wish to make.


Who is counselling for?

Within Arc, local people seek counselling following a painful change or loss in their lives. They might want help with feelings of fear, stress, helplessness, sadness or even despair, guilt, shame, regrets or anger. They might need support with rebuilding self esteem, confidence and self worth or challenging compulsive or self sabotaging behaviours.



This isn't an exhaustive list, as the reasons why people seek counselling can be varied.

Putting Recovery at the heart of all we do...