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"My counsellor was excellent, allowing me plenty of time, plenty of space to allow me organise my thoughts. It is was an extremely valuable service at a time I needed it most.”


“I cannot explain the difference to my life the counselling has made. The ‘problem’ will never change but I feel more able to deal with it. This in turn has a knock on affect to all areas of mine and my family’s life. My counsellor  was wonderful,  I won’t forget her!”


“I would never have been able to return from the dark hole I was in without my counsellor’s help. The service I received was caring and helpful, of which I am most grateful.”


“My counsellor conducted my tailor made sessions very professionally, yet with sympathy and integrity. Not at all intrusive or threatening, which I had feared. She gave me great support and insight into myself.”


“In my case, deep depression was caused by the death of a close friend. Without my counsellor I would have had a complete breakdown.”


“ARC very quickly proved to be uniquely different from any other counselling I’d received. From the onset there wasn’t any restriction on the number of sessions, or intervals between sessions. I felt more at ease with my situation, but I know, should the need arise, that I may touch base with my counsellor again. I think ARC is a huge asset to the community. So many times, I think, the emotional needs of people are not given the weight and commitment they deserve, but Axminster has a chance to be different.”

Putting Recovery at the heart of all we do...